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NP Health Information Station provides Health Screenings with lab options and Health Education, Immunizations, sick visits, at-home lab services, physicals (some physicals may be excluded), Risk assessment, IV Hydration,  Preventative services, In-home Medication, STI testing, Flu Testing, Covid testing.    NP Health Information Station works with Physicians, Nurse practitioners, Mental Health Professionals, and Home Healthcare companies to help improve the healthcare needs of their patients and clients. 

 We ask that you please contact our office 24 hours before your appointment to cancel.

•Note: Our services are not a substitute for services provided in a true or suspected medical emergency. If you are having what you think may be a medical emergency dial 911 or visit the nearest emergency department.

Office visit $85

Office visit 20% discount  w/o insurance use code NPHPP (additional lab fees may apply)

House calls (Daytime, 20-60min) $160

House calls 20% discount w/o  insurancuse code NPHPP (additional lab fees may apply) 

You’ll be able to reach us and your medical information via the patient portal.

DOT Exam $75 for the exam (Friday and Saturday Appointments)

This includes a urine test and an eye exam

In order to better serve you, the following is a brief guide of information needed that may help expedite your DOT certification exam.

If you wear hearing aids or glasses, please bring them to your exam

Bring in a complete list of all medications you are taking

If you have had a heart attack, stent, or other heart condition, please bring your most recent stress test results

If you have diabetes, please bring your most recent blood work (A1c), an electronic printout of blood glucose, and names of all medications

If you have sleep apnea and are using a C-Pap machine, please bring your most recent compliance report

Sick visits, lab results, and education

BOOK Appointment

Payment for services is paid before your appointment, additional fees may apply for lab services

If you’re experiencing a medical emergency, call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room NP Health Information Station is not a substitute for emergency care. 

Payment Options:

  • Debit/Credit
  • PayPal https:
  • Medicaid (MC)
  • Medicare
  • Square
  • Some Insurance Plans

Patients Rights and Responsibilities:

NP health Information Station LLC comply with federal civil rights laws and do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, nationality, disaility, sex or age.  Parents/Guardians for minors and patients have rights and we want you to know them. 


This Notice of Privacy Practices describes how we may use and disclose your protected health information (PHI) to carry out treatment, payment or health care operations (TPO) and for other purposes that are permitted or required by law. It also describes your rights to access and control your protected health information. “Protected health information” is information about you, including demographic information, that may identify you and that relates to your past, present or future physical or mental health or condition and related health care services. Uses and Disclosures of Protected Health Information Your protected health information may be used and disclosed by your physician, our office staff and others outside of our office that are involved in your care and treatment for the purpose of providing health care services to you, to pay your health care bills, to support the operation of the physician’s practice, and any other use required by law. 

We may use or disclose your protected health information, as necessary, to contact you to remind you of your appointment. We may use or disclose your protected health information in the following situations without your authorization.

These situations include: as required by law; public health issues as required by law; communicable diseases; health oversight; abuse or neglect; Food and Drug Administration requirements; legal proceedings; law enforcement; coroners, funeral directors, and organ donation; research; criminal activity; military activity and national security; Worker’s Compensation; inmates; required use and disclosures; under the law we must make disclosures to you; and when required by the Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services to investigate or determine our compliance with the requirements of Section 164.500.  

Other permitted and required uses and disclosures will be made only with your consent, authorization or opportunity to object unless required by law.

You may revoke this authorization, at any time, in writing, except to the extent that your physician/advanced practice nurse or the physician’s/advance practice nurse has taken an action in reliance on the use or disclosure indicated in the authorization. 

Your Rights as a Patient:

  • Receive information that you can understand in a clear and complete way.
  • Refuse examination or treatment 
  • Make decisions regarding your healthcare
  • A proper assessment
  • Recieve sufficient information to give informed consent to treat.
  • Register complaints with NP Health Information Station regarding your care. 
  • Give permission for loved ones of your choice to participate in decisions about your care.
  • Be free from all forms of abuse, neglect, and harassment.
  • Receive information about your health care costs and bills

 If we are unable to resolve your concerns, you may contact the following groups:

Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services

912 Wildwood Drive

P.O. Box 570

Jefferson City, MO 65102

(800) 392-0210

Missouri Patient Protection Advocacy Agency

925 S. Country Club Drive

Jefferson City, MO 65102

(800) 392-8667


Patients Responsibilities:

As a Patient it is your responsibility to take an active role in your healthcare such as following health care instructions , by doing this you can help your caregiver meet the needs of you and your family. That is why we ask that you share certain responsibilities.

Provide a correct and complete medical history.

For Emergencies Call 911

Or go to the nearest emergency room if you are experiencing shortness of breathe , chest pain, burns, head injuries or loss of consciousness.

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